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Business Security Systems Columbus
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Business Security Systems Columbus
AT Systems (for all your Home & Business Security Solutions)
AT Systems is a premier supplier of security systems in the Columbus area. If you are looking for innovative solutions for your business or your home, then you have come to the right place.

From Access Control through to Nanny Cams, Wireless Systems and even systems that you can monitor and control from your cell phone - we can design a customised solution to fit your needs and your budget.

Unplugged Security
No AC Power
Up to 4 year battery life
Self contained GPRS cell communicator
No wiring
Totally wireless operation

New construction specialist.
No phone lines needed!


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Client Testimonials
" Tom, I've gone to the website and got the app to install on my IPhone and IPad! I love it. I gave my son his own code, I can alarm, disarm and read activity as well.  I LOVE MY ALARM SYSTEM. NOW, I WANT THE CAMERAS, ETC.  I have been boasting to my family and close friends.  I'm sure they will be purchasing the same!!! THANKS!!  Also, just as important, the service is impeccable! "

- Dawn White