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Surveillance Security Systems in Columbus

Surveillance security systems are in great demand in recent times, driven by several factors:

  • Precaution against theft, burglary and home invasion for residential and commercial facilities
  • The need for constant monitoring - be it the kids and pets within and around the home area or your business premises
  • The feeling of safety you get for both your property and people.
Crime prevention is always the best means for ensuring you and your family’s or business staff's safety and security.

A custom designed surveillance secuirty system is your best option for your safety and security. AT surveillance security systems for home and business use come in a number of forms, and include, among others:

  1. Standard AT Systems security camera kits
  2. CCTV monitoring (Closed-circuit television)
  3. Digital Video Recorders
  4. IP Cameras (Internet Protocol CCTV cameras)
  5. Video Baby Monitors

These surveillance security systems are designed both for home and business use, and can be modified to suit specific needs and requirements.

For homeowners like you, getting the right surveillance security systems helps in immediately detecting emergencies as they occur. With these warning systems in place, you can keep your family and premises as safe as possible, while immediately alerting local police and fire departments when required.

For businesses, especially for those that have a lot of walk-in customers and traffic, surveillance security systems are ideal in detecting any emergency, no matter what the situation is. Many public and commercial areas in Columbus are also being outfitted with AT Systems’ surveillance security systems: Banks, convenience stores and a wide variety of small to medium businesses. These are just a few examples of the many customers and businesses AT Systems has serviced in the Columbus area.

AT Systems believes in offering you only the highest quality products and services, whether you're a home or business owner. It is that commitment to consistent and high quality systems and excellent service that you can find and trust with any AT Systems products and services.

AT Systems offers a variety of surveillance security systems, and will design a system that would work according to your specific needs. If you're looking to beef up your current security then give us a call now and let’s discuss your options for your needs.


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" Tom, I've gone to the website and got the app to install on my IPhone and IPad! I love it. I gave my son his own code, I can alarm, disarm and read activity as well.  I LOVE MY ALARM SYSTEM. NOW, I WANT THE CAMERAS, ETC.  I have been boasting to my family and close friends.  I'm sure they will be purchasing the same!!! THANKS!!  Also, just as important, the service is impeccable! "

- Dawn White